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Instruction Writing | Creative Writing Section

Instruction Writing

Things to remember:

· Create a title that explains what the instructions are “How to….”

· Use action verbs in the beginning “Pick up, take, hold….”

· Use short clear sentences with words that are common.

· Avoid words with more than one meaning.

· Make sure to include any cautions, warnings, or dangers.

· Be Specific.

Sample 1 : How to Repair a bicycle tire Puncture

First of all remove the inner tube from the tyre. Then, inflate the inner tube and put it in water to find the leak. After that check to see whether there is any other leak. Than deflate and dry the inner tube and prepare the area near hole. After that spread gum and put a patch over the hole. Let it to dry for some time. Then put the inner tube back in the tire. Finally, inflate the tire. The bicycle is ready for a ride.

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