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Long Question – 3 | The Lamentation of Old Pensioner

Write an Essay on Youth and Age or Life and Art.

The skill of creation is called Art. People in possession (having) of this creative skill are known as artist. Art may be different by its form, style and time. Although it is different by its form and style, art always influences human beings. Art always remains as an effective and important motivational factor for human beings. In order to live a happy and satisfied life, art is an inevitable aspect of life. An art in its supreme form is able to provide us the deepest inner freshness which in turn inspires us to make ourselves happy and amiable. To get rid of difficulties of life, it is immensely important for us to appreciate. By appreciating art, we can keep ourselves happy by forgetting the problems of life.

Human life is very transient (short) and when we die our life is finished. But despite this appearance of physical existence, an artist can live an immortal life. Life is sure to come to an end but art remains forever. Laxmi Prasad Devkota is remaining immortal among Nepali people for his fine piece of art in, literature in the form of “Muna Madan”. Other great artists of different artistic fields are still immortal because of their great works of art. When we enjoy art we find amiability within ourselves thereby inspiring us to appreciate art. It is indeed true that all works of art provide us the deepest experience and higher value of our life.

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