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NEB Question Collection | About Love

Unit 2 : About Love

Long Questions asked from this chapter :

  1. Explain the idea that love is different in every situation. Use examples from the text.
  2. In your own words tell the love story of Alyohin and Anna Alexeyevna
  3. Contrast the love affair between Alyohin and Anna with the affair between Nikanor and Pelageya.

Short Questions asked from this chapter :

  1. Sketch the character of Nikannor.
  2. Describe the love affair between Pelageya and Nikanor.
  3. What is the experience/ feeling of Alyohin about love?
  4. Retell the first love story of Alyohin.
  5. Sketch the character of Alyohin.
  6. Describe the first meeting of Alyohin and Anna.
  7. How did Alyohin and Anna develop their relationship? Why did Alyohin and Anna try to conceal their love?
  8. What do you think Anna suffered from mental disease?
  9. How did the love-affair between Alyohin and Anna remain unfulfilled?

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