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Short Question 2 | Grandmother

What images do you find in the poem ‘Grandmother’? To what senses do they appeal?

“Grandmother” by Ray young bear presents the feeling of a poet whose mind is full of grandmother’s memory. The grandmother used to love him so much in the past that her memory is printed in almost all his sense organs. Because of those ever lasting memory, he feels nostalgic towards his grandmother. Whatever he does is stitched with the color of his grandmother.

The poet states his nostalgic feeling throughout the poem. The beginning itself is important to understand the feeling towards his grandmother. She resides permanently in eyes of the poet. As a result the poet can know her wisely even if he sees her shape from a mile away. His nostalgic feeling is expressed in other lines too. His claim of identifying his grandmother with the help of other sense organs also suggests that he is nostalgic towards his grandmother. Of all his assertion, the one expressed towards the last is very important. In the last few lines he says that the words of grandmother remain inside him permanently. The grandmother was the sources of inspiration to him. She was the one who used to love him very much. Because of her memory the poet feels nostalgia reminds him of his grandmother frequently.

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