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Short Question – 4 | The Lamentation of Old Pensioner

Qno: What does the poem say about the old man? Mention his character, attitude and circumstances.

Ans: The lamentation of Old pensioner describes the situation of any old person who used to have very romantic life in the past. The speaker is an old man whose past was very romantic. Thought comparison and contrast of past and present, the poem describes various aspects of and old man-his character, attitude, and circumstance. The presentation is realistic and has universal appeal.

Old age means approach to death. When one reaches to this stage, no one takes care. The person does not get proper shelter even from the relatives. So his situation is very pathetic. In such situation, he remembers romantic days. He fined a great difference in between his present and past, which creates anger in him. The happenings in the surrounding like boy’s enjoyment and women’s negligence. When the speaker finds him being neglected, he can’t bear it and gets furious with the factor responsible for it. Eventually he spits at its face.

The presentation of setting along with exposition. Retrospection and climax hints that a person becomes hot-tempered at old age. When his wishes are not met, he gets angry. The circumstances are not becomes just like a scarecrow at this age.

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