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General rule relating to examination of witness

Section 48 of Evidence Act 2031 states that , there are two type of rule regarding to examination of witness as General rule and Specific rule.

  1. General rule: the general rules are as follows-
  2. The witness must be administered oath before giving evidence.
  3. All witness must examine, wherever possible, on the same day.
  4. Where there is more than one witness, one witness must not be allowed to hear the other in the court.
  5. The opponent party must be given opportunity to cross-examine the witness.
  6. At the completion of the deposition the witness who has already been examined can not be re-examined without permission of the court. With the permission of the court he/she may examined on such matter which has been omitted in the first examination and this proceeding known as Tatimba Sabal.

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