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Importance of cross-examination

Cross-examination is one of the important process of purify the truth in the case and it plays a vital role to differentiate true or false. Cross-examination is a powerful and valuable weapon for the purposes of testing the veracity of witness and the accuracy and completeness of the story. It is entrusted to the hands of the counsel in the confidence that it will be used with discretion, and with due regards to assistance to be rendered by it to the court, not forgetting at the same time the burden that is imposed on the witness.

We can categories importance of witness as

  1. Cross-examination test misrepresent or true represent the witness in the case,
  2. It is a way of collection of real information about the incident,
  3. When the witness comes contradicts, it creates some doubt about the incident,
  4. Court gives priority for cross –examination of witness and takes strong evidence of the statement of the witness,
  5. Cross-examination helps to give primary and secondary fact in the relevant case,
  6. Cross-examination helps the court to find out the judgments,
  7. Cross-examination helps to advisory party to make argument.

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