Standardized Indicators of Fair Trial

Recognized Principles of Criminal Law and Justice

To adhere to the fair trial standards, characteristics and principles of criminal law require following components:


Legitimacy: Criminal law requires to be framed by legitimate source, i.e., the crime should be defined in law made by the people’s legislative organ and it may not be authorised to be governed by delegated legislation. Similarly, substance and procedure of legislation should be from legitimate, formal and authentic source;

Specificity: Criminal law should provide strict definitions of particular act/omission as crime;

Regularity: Criminal law should be originated form legitimate source with full guarantee of its applicability to all persons regardless of their social status;

Uniformity: Enforcement of the laws against anyone who violates them, regardless of his/her social status; and,

Punishability: Law violators should be punished or at least be warned of punishment by State.

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