Office of Secretary General of ICAO

The Secretary General of ICAO is head of the Secretariat and chief executive officer of the Organization responsible for the general direction of the work of the Secretariat.

The Secretariat consists of five main divisions: the Air Navigation Bureau, the Air Transport Bureau, the Technical Co-operation Bureau, the Legal Affairs and External Relations Bureau, and the Bureau of Administration and Services. The Secretary General is directly responsible for the management and effective work performance of the activities assigned to the Office of the Secretary General relating to Finance, Evaluation and Audit, and Regional Coordination and Communications, including the operation of the seven Regional Offices. The Secretary General provides leadership to a specialized international staff working in the field of international civil aviation and appoints staff necessary for the functioning of the Organization and its governing and working bodies. In order that the work of the Secretariat shall reflect a truly international approach, professional personnel are recruited on a broad geographical basis.

The Secretary General serves as the Secretary of the Council of ICAO and is responsible to the Council as a whole and, following established policies of the Council, carries out the duties assigned to him by the Council, and makes periodic reports to the Council covering the progress of the Secretariat activities. The Secretary General of the Organization is appointed by the Council of ICAO for a three-year term.

Bureaus of ICAO

The Air Navigation Bureau develops technical studies for the Air Navigation Commission as well as recommendations for Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) relating to the safety, regularity and efficiency of international air navigation for the Council.

The Air Transport Bureau, under the direction of the Air Transport, Unlawful Interference and Joint Support Committees: provides expert assistance required by the Assembly, Council, Air Transport Committee (ATC), Committee on Unlawful Interference (UIC), Committee on Joint Support of Air Navigation Services (JSC) and the specialized conference, divisional, panel and working group meetings that may be convened in the air transport field.

The Legal Bureau provides advice and assistance to the Secretary General and through him to the various bodies of the Organization and to ICAO Member States on constitutional, administrative and procedural matters, on problems of international law, air law, commercial law, labour law and related matters. It includes research and studies in the field of private and public international air law regarding items on the General Work Programme of the Legal Committee and preparation of documentation for the Legal Committee, Diplomatic Conferences, Council, its subordinate bodies and the Assembly. The Legal Bureau is responsible for the depositary functions of ICAO under several treaties, as well as the registration of agreeements or arrangements pursuant to Articles 81 and 83 of the Chicago Convention. The functions of the Legal Bureau also include cooperation and coordination in legal activities with the United Nations and other international organizations.

ICAO’s Technical Co-operation Programme will assist you in project implementation with Neutrality, Transparency and Objectivity.

The Bureau of Administration and Services is responsible for providing the administrative support required by the Organization relating to personnel, language and publications, conference and office services, information and communication technology, registry, distribution and sales, Web, library and archives, Assembly and Council Secretariat and quality management.

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