The Secretariat of the United Nations

An international staff working in duty stations around the world -carries out the diverse day-to-day work of the Organization.


  • To service the other principal organs of the United Nations.
  • To administers the programs and policies laid down by other bodies of the Union.
  • To inform the world’s communications media about the work of the United Nations.
  • To organize international conferences on issues of worldwide concern.
  • To interpret speeches and translate documents into the Organization’s official languages
  • administering peacekeeping operations
  • mediating international disputes
  • surveying economic and social trends and problems
  • preparing studies on human rights and sustainable development

Functions of the Secretary General:

  1. To be the chief administrative officer of the organization

  2. To act as secretary to all major delegate bodies of the UN

  3. To perform functions assigned by the GA and three Councils

  4. To make an annual report to the GA on the work of the organization

  5. To appoint the secretary staff

Powers of the Secretary General:

  1. Can bring to the Security Council any matter that might threaten world peace

  2. Has the authority to serve as a neutral mediator in international conflicts and to bring hostile parties together to negotiate

  3. Works to build consensus among the five permanent members of the Security Council

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