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Labour welfare draft

Social Welfare connotes the welfare of the entire Society.

Labour Welfare is a narrow concept concerned with welfare of workers.

Labour Welfare is an important dimension of industrial relation. It includes overall welfare facilities designed to take care of the well being of employees and in order to increase their living standards.

It can also be provided by government, non-government agencies, and trade unions.

Employee Welfare

  • To give expression to philanthropic and paternalistic feelings.
  • To win over employees loyalty and increase their morale.
  • To combat trade unionism and socialist ideas.
  • To build up stable labour force, to reduce labour turnover and absenteeism.
  • To develop efficiency and productivity among workers.
  • To save oneself from heavy taxes on surplus profits.
  • To earn goodwill and enhance public image.
  • To reduce the threat of further government intervention.
  • To make recruitment more effective (because these benefits add to job appeal).
  • The service should satisfy the real needs of the workers.

Scope of Labour Law

  • Work Environment
  • Health Facilities
  • General Welfare Programs
  • Economic Welfare Programs
  • Labour Welfare Programs

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