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14 Dead, 23 Missing As Rains Wreak Havoc

The severe post-monsoon rains, which began on Saturday night and continued through Sunday, have wreaked havoc across the country, killing at least 14 people and displacing hundreds more.

On Tuesday, severe post-monsoon rains prompted landslides and floods in Sudurpaschim Province and one in Karnali Province, killing at least 13 people.

According to Prakash Bikram Shah of Gorkhapatra’s Sudurpaschim Bureau, torrential rains have wrecked devastation in all nine districts of Sudurpaschim Province since Sunday morning, killing 13 people.

They were killed in Doti, Baitadi, and Dadeldhura, with eight in Doti, three in Baitadi, and two in Dadeldhura. According to Chief District Officer Shankar Bisht, two youngsters were killed when the house of Bir Bahadur Kunjeda of Sayel Rural Municipality-6, Doti, was buried by a landslide on Tuesday morning.

Sagar Kunjeda, 14, and Aashish Kunjeda, 11, have been identified as the victims. Three members of the family were also injured as a result of the tragedy.

Similarly, four members of the same Jorayal Rural Municipality family died after their homes were buried by a landslide. Sher Bahadur BK, 42, Mohan BK, 18, Rabin BK, 16, and Pabitra BK, 16 were the victims. Similarly, landslides killed Mandhara Balayar, 35, of Shikhar Municipality-11, and Jogi Sarki, 63, of Jorayal-3.

Ganyapdhura Rural Municipality provided the two dead in Dadeldhura. Bishnu Prasad Awasthai, 32, of Ganyapdhura-1, was buried alive, while Narmada Devi Shahi, 65, of Ward-3, was drowned in a river.

In Baitadi’s Shivanath Rural Municipality, three people were killed when a house was carried away by a landslide.
Similarly, a girl died after a house fell in Kalikot, Karnali, on Tuesday morning due to excessive rain. Smirti Adhikari of Mahawai Rural Municipality-7 has been identified as the deceased.

Anisha Adhikari, 15, the victim’s sister, was also injured in the incident, according to the District Police Office in Kalikot. Deputy Superintendent of Police Chakra Shah, Chief of the Kalikot District Police Office, said a rescue team led by Nepal Police and Armed Police Forces was on its way to the scene with relief goods, including tarpaulins.

In the last 24 hours, Dadeldhura, Kailali, and Doti Dipayal received 220 mm, 187.5 mm, and 140 mm of rain, respectively, according to the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology. Rainfall of 25-50 mm is regarded moderate; 50-100 mm is considered heavy; and 100 mm or more is considered extremely heavy.

Dadeldhura, Doti, Achham, Bajura, Bajhang, Baitadi, and Darchula are among the province’s seven hilly districts where communication has been affected. A pine tree fell on the Nepal Electricity Authority’s 132 kV transmission line in Khanidanda in Kailali, disrupting electricity throughout the hilly district.

Several communities in Bhimdutta and Dodarachadani have been flooded, and highways built along the Mahakali River have been damaged.

Meanwhile, the Sudurpaschim Provincial Government has decided to allocate Rs. 250 million as compensation to families who have lost family members and farmers whose paddy has been destroyed.

According to Sudurpaschim Bureau’s Prakash Bikram Shah, the Province Government’s Cabinet meeting on Tuesday opted to allocate the budget. Several routes have been closed due to rain-induced floods and landslides in the middle of the Dashain holiday.

The Mahakali River has reached its greatest level in more than 92 years. On Tuesday, the water level was measured at 547,224 cusec. The water level has previously hit 544,476 cusec in 2013.

Farmers were heavily struck by the rains, which wreaked havoc on both standing and harvested paddy crops across the country. Furthermore, a flood in the Jumla district washed away paddy fields full of mature Marsi rice. Dashain revelers and others have been stuck due to road closures and rain-affected flights in the Himalayas.

Flood-stranded people rescued from Rapti River

Security forces rescued four people stranded in the Rapti River on Tuesday, according to our Banke correspondent Siraj Khan. People from Daduwa Rural Municipality-4 went to the river’s center to pick wild bitter gourd. On Monday afternoon, they were stranded on the raised riverbed after the river suddenly flooded.

According to Rupan Gyawali, Information Management Officer at the District Emergency Operations Centre in Banke, a team of Nepal Police and Armed Police Force troops arrived at the scene after receiving information about stranded persons in the flood river.

Sokhat Nau, 55, Sabbir Khan, 45, Pramod Lonia, 30, and Nazir Khan, 60, all from Duduwa Rural Municipality-4, were rescued. The Rapti River’s water level has been rising over the past two days due to heavy rains. The water level had risen to three meters and forty centimeters.

Surya Bahadur Khatri, the Chief District Officer of Banke, said that people of the Rapti River’s riparian zones have been warned to remain careful and not to approach the river because the water level is rising.

Ferry swept away

The flood in the Karnali River, which has been triggered by torrential rain since Saturday night, has wreaked havoc in the Kalikot district.

A ferry at Jitey Bazar was swept away by the flood. The ferry served as the only mode of transit for residents in Bajura, Humla, Mugu, and five of Kalikot’s local levels, as well as a way of transporting items for the corridor’s construction.

According to Kamal Malla, a resident, the swelling river swept out five toilets in Jitey bazar. He stated that if the water level in the Karnali River continues to increase, the entire region of Jitey bazar will be flooded.

The traders of Jiety bazar were ordered to relocate to a safer location, according to Chief District Officer Krishna Prasad Acharya. Police and Nepal Army forces had also been mobilized by the authorities.

Floods produced by the landslide have totally shut the Karnali Corridor. Flooding is threatening Siku village in Pachaljharna Rural Municipality-1.

Three houses in Sikugaun-7 have already collapsed, according to local Pawan Shahi, while other villages are at high risk.

Similarly, four houses in Manma, Kalikot’s district headquarters, have collapsed as a result of the constant rain. Rainfall has toppled two buildings in the main market, and two more have been buried in the landslide in Nawagaira.

According to Jasi Prasad Pandey, Mayor of Khandachakra Municipality, there were no human casualties because the disaster occurred in the afternoon.

Snowfall in Mustang

Meanwhile, due to incessant rainfall for the past two days, snow has fallen on the high slopes of Mustang district in the trans-Himalayan area.

According to Srinath Poudel, the Chief District Officer of Mustang, there is a difficulty with direct traffic on the Marfa River in the Gharapjhong Rural Municipality of Mustang and the Kavre Bhir area on the Myagdi-Mustang boundary.

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