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180,000 Doses Of Moderna Vaccine To Arrive Today

Today, a total of 188,000 doses of Moderna vaccine against COVID-19 will be delivered through the COVAX facility.

180,000 pills of Moderna will come today, according to Bade Bahadur Thapa, senior pharmacy officer of the Department of Health Services (DoHS).

For the first time, Nepal is obtaining the Moderna vaccination. The vaccine is suggested for those aged 12 to 18, but when and which age group will be vaccinated is still to be determined.

Moderna vaccine must be kept between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius.

How vaccine helps

Vaccines contain weakened or inactive components of a certain organism (antigen) that cause the body to respond with an immune response.

Rather of the antigen itself, newer vaccinations contain the blueprint for generating antigens.

This weakened version will not cause disease in the person receiving the vaccine, regardless of whether the vaccine is made up of the antigen itself or the blueprint for the body to produce the antigen, but it will prompt their immune system to respond much like it would on its first reaction to the actual pathogen.

Some immunizations require several doses separated by weeks or months.

This is sometimes required to allow for the establishment of memory cells and the creation of long-lasting antibodies.

In this approach, the body is trained to resist a specific disease-causing organism, and the pathogenā€™s memory is built up so that it may be quickly combated if and when it is exposed in the future.

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