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35 long days for re-totaling ? [HSEB +2 Science Result]

It seems weird, HSEB, the prestigious educational board for +2 educations, playing with student’s future and career. Firstly, they fail to publish error-less +2 science result. Secondly, they proudly blame their system for the fault without a single mark of shame on their face. Thirdly, they try to run away from accepting their fault and carelessness. Fourthly, they defer application of students with problems on symbol no (missing, or wrongly marked), attendance error (all exam appeared students marked as absent) and so on which cannot be solved by re-totaling. And lastly, they take more than a month long time to correct simple errors on marks of mere around 1000 students. When will HSEB understand? Time is precious for every single person. And these 35 days is not a short time. Admission procedure of many top universities will have been closed till then. And the students, the innocent victim of HSEB’s carelessness, will have no option left than to wait for their re-totaling result and destroy their career.

I still remember our primary school math teachers asking us to solve 100s of problems in one single period and giving the rest of 100s for home assignment. And we students, when we were just a child then, would keenly solve them all because it was matter of our future and our loyalty towards our work. But I simply don’t understand how such grown up intellectuals, scholars and high level officials of such prestigious educational boards like HSEB can take 35 long days to re-total the marks of mere around 1000 students. After all it’s not one man job. There are many people employed in HSEB for re-totaling purposes. And still they take more than a month to complete this easy task. Where is the sense of responsibility on these officials? Where is the loyalty towards their work? Where is carefulness? Where is morality? Faulty result publication is their fault. Then why should we students suffer?

We don’t simply understand the reason behind that long operation for re-totaling. What is the big long procedure behind that? Is something being played? Or is it just fever of laziness and care freeness being transmitted in HSEB too? HSEB is the play-makers of +2 education, a bridge of future of many students, a bridge for future Nepal. HSEB should understand that delaying application and delaying process for re-totaling not only delays further courses for many students but also delays the development of educational sector in Nepal and thus delays the progress of Nepal.

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