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90 Percent Of Children In Humla Vaccinated

In Humla, 90 percent of youngsters have got the latest Corona Virus vaccine. All seven local levels have completed the process of vaccinating school children in partnership with the health office.

90.61 percent of youngsters between the ages of 12 and 17 have been vaccinated against COVID-19, according to Man Bahadur Rokaya, a cold chain assistant at the health office.

A total of 5,497 children in the municipality of that age range were immunized through 61 vaccination centers.

Simkot has 1,414 people, Namkha has 331, Kharpunath has 603, Adanchuli has 1,177, Tanjkot has 567, Chankheli has 576, and Sarkegad has 827. Vaccination has been denied to the children of Limi and Yari in North Namkha rural municipality-6.

Health personnel and vaccinators have found it impossible to reach the area due to the bitter cold and heavy snowfall. He stated that the timing of the children’s vaccination has yet to be determined.

Similarly, a vaccination program for the children of Nekpagaun in Changkheli rural municipality-1 and 5 in the southern region would be initiated soon.

The district had only received 6,370 doses of moderna vaccination. According to the health office, more than 5,000 youngsters had been vaccinated, with 229 doses remaining.

The district’s goal was to vaccinate 9,940 youngsters between the ages of 12 and 17. After the first dose, children must be immunized again 28 days later.

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