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About tyrocity.com and its various sections

Amidst unprofitable and cognitive education system of the country, tyrocity.com has emerged as an empirical educational website which would create a giant leap on the development of present educational system of the nation and beyond. Tyrocity is the motion for change, a motion for positive change in aspect of enrichment of creativity and sharpening of knowledge among students at all levels of the nation. Team of tyrocity.com has vowed to enhance upliftment in all round education system of the nation. After all tyro city was born not only to add an item on the list of present educational website but to create the best among students and best among ourselves.

Tyrocity has introduced the revolutionary concept of “colaz” i.e. collection of students and teacher’s articles, posts and games. This section includes everything that can enrich the creativity of young minds and help them get little more exposure and also, entertain themselves through games and more.

Another concept of “academic career advice” speaks itself. When you get stuck on the maze and you don’t know which way to choose for further education, this section of the website offers the best ever career advice from the specialists and expertise of all fields.

Besides that, we have engraved notes of all subjects from all the faculties of +2 levels covering the entire syllabus prescribed by HSEB. This section is commonly known as, ‘notes’.

We have amassed list of all schools and colleges of the nation with information about their affiliation, courses they offer, facilities and other info as required by the concerned students. This section is commonly known as, ‘EduIndex’.

There is also initiation of “ask us anything” with a view of letting learners to ask about any of their unanswered confound queries and help them to get the best, possible satisfactory answers form our side, the expert’s side or from their fellow competitors & friends.

There is also entrance preparation system for MBBS, Engineering and CMAT entrance preparation. We hope to expand this section further by adding other entrance preparation topics. In addition to this, we also, provide weekly test in the real exam like sample to help students know their capability and know their ranking among the entire nation.

Our mission is to enlighten youth from all round the nation and to enrich creativity of students from all levels. We assure to provide access to advices and suggestions from promising intellectuals. It is our concern to remove confusions related to career and further studies. We have tried to develop the finest and most smooth way of education system and make learners ready to face any obstacles in higher education. It is our motto to motivate the learners towards achievement of their goals.

News: We want to keep everyone updated about the latest happening in the world of education via this news section of the site. Here, we will be updating the news and activities that has been going around in the education sector of the nation.

Results: Whether it be a small exams of Entrance Preparation intuition or the exams of HSEB and SLC or any other exams that are conducted in Nepal or abroad (if we have any MoU), we want to be the center for result publication.

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