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Academic Activities of Private Institutions Affected

Academic activities in all private institutions of Nepal were halted on Thursday as ANNISU-R , aligned to the CPN-Maoist, enforced an educational strike to protest fee hike.

ANNISU-R had earlier announced that it would shut down all private academic institutions — schools to colleges — for three days beginning today because ‘they had hiked fee going against the government directives’.

Earlier, ANNISU-R had reached an agreement with the Department of Education to adjust the hiked fee of Baishakh (first month of academic year) in the fee of Jestha (second month of academic year).

The DoE had directed all district education offices to take action against the schools that had hiked fee against Supreme Court directives. However, the government failed to implement its own decision, prompting ANNISU-R to padlock accounts section of more than 200 schools and colleges across the country for three days from September 16. They also padlocked private schools and colleges today.

Purna Bahadur Singh, Vice-president, ANNISU-R, said that they were forced to resort to educational strike as the government had failed to implement the SC decision. In its decision, the SC had told concerned bodies not to hike the fee for the first time on May 23, 2012 and second time on March 19, 2014.

ANNISU-R cadres also vandalised Lalitpur-based Milestone International College ‘for disobeying the strike’. They broke computers and telephone sets, according to school officials.

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