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All about Class 12 Results and Exams – 2070

Today, it’s been almost around a month since the publication of the results of Science faculty of Grade 12. And thus, peoples’ level of tolerance has already crossed it’s margin for the result of the remaining faculty of Grade 12, which is quite understandable. Many of the entrance exams are postponed every week in the wait of this result. People future is destroyed in a way or other. Their foreign dream is shattered into pieces and so is their investment washed out like the colors of holi. People are frustrated and so are we but there is nothing we can do on this regard and we want this to be understood by our readers as well. It’s HSEB and only HSEB who has all rights reserved for the publication of the result.

However, we would like to share some of the things about the results of remaining faculties, retotaling result and compart exam information.

Compart Exam : What about this ?

After the publication of the results of Science Faculty (Class 12) HSEB is completely silent and no notices has been released as of now. This as in previous years would have already been published. No routine, no forms and not even the date of the exam have been fixed as of now. So, what more can we expect ? When will the exams be ? When will the notice be released ? These questions might have been circulating in everyone mind. So, is in ours. To reach to the root of this, we tried to contact with one of the senior at HSEB and hardly had we got a minute to talk with him. In which he briefed us that the notices will only be released after the publication of the result of the Management and all other faculties. Meaning, the exams aren’t likely to be before Dashain. Since, we are just around 20 days away from the big fest. And the form needs to be open for quite some days to let everyone apply for it.

Retotalling Exam Result Class 12 Science

The golden book (guidelines) of HSEB says the result of retotalling should be in 35 days from the date of original result publication. But neither we nor any other persons are found to believe those words. There however is a question mark on how effective is retotaling and why there is no such provision like re-checking. Also, HSEB has no answer to the increasing number of forms for retotaling.

Leaving those formal talks beside, returning back to the main theme. So, when will the results of Retotaling be ? This is quite difficult to predict for us as well as it is for you. Since, the applications of retotaling are still open and people can still apply for retotaling. And, unless those forms are closed the process won’t go ahead. And it might take them at least a week to re-total the papers (if they do it properly, it might take even more). Let’s hope everything will be done in the right manner and those errors seen and pointed out even by us will be corrected in the re-evaluated results as in the form of retotaling. Since, neither HSEB nor government nor any other organization or anything has right to play with students future.

Result : Management, Humanities and other Faculty of Grade 12

The result date is uncertain and we can’t tell you the exact date right now but we can just assume if the questions happen to be extensively high. But, for now we would like to remain silent on this regard since, HSEB (the one to publish the result) is silent currently. And without a word from HSEB we can’t pass you those much important information. Also, HSEB denied providing any information about the result unless they are prepared for the bigger stage (result publication).

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