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An iPhone 6 Imitation is going for sale

Goophone is the Chinese phone company which is renowned for its knock off adaption of various smartphones. Now they are back with another latest knock off adaptation. Their next adaptation,i6 is an imitation of an unnanounced Iphone 6, which will roll out on August 1. The design of i6 is based on supposedly leaked images and videos. For the 16 GB Model, the i6 is retailed at $159. If it is to be compared with the Apple’s recent device, then the 16 GB iPhone 5s was priced for $199.

It may sound awesome but the consumers must also be aware that a different processor is used by i6. Its not similar to iPhone’s processor and it uses Android instead of iOS. The i6 only has 1.4GHz processor. Its quite a downgrade than previous i5 mobile which had 2GHz. And I think you might already guessed it, i5S was a rip off of Iphone 5S. The design of i6 is quite similar to the expected design of iPhone 6. Both unannounced iPhone 6 and i6 have a lot of similarities like : fingerprint readers on the front, an auto-focusing camera in the rear and other design hallmarks borrowed from iPhones.

But not everything is quite same. The background image i6 is of a bumblebee on its back whereass Apple’s iPhone are best known for images of Apple on its back. Goophone still has not quite explained on the decision of image of bumblebee on its back. They have only stated that they find it “cute”.

It doesn’t provide much color options like the previous i5S. It is only offered in two colors: black and white. The Apple company had decided to provide a lot of color features for the cover of Iphone 5S which was later copied by Goophone for i5S. It’s still unknown what color feature will iPhone 6 provide.

Its also difficult to know how much similar will i6 be since the leaked design of iPhone 6 was told to be fake. So its really hard to know how much will i6 ressemble to iPhone 6. Date of release of iPhone 6 is really hard to know because many release dates have been cancelled by Apple. Many rumors have flown and many of them have been squashed as well. The rumor of debut of smaller version in August was squashed. Both the 4.7-inch will soon hit the market in September, while a larger 5.5-inch model could come in the some months ahead. Goophone dates back to the times when it replicated a Samsung Galaxy S5 and other popular smartphones. Though there have been copyright issues, they have still decided to stop.

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