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Announcement: We are moving to Babal.Guru

Hello everyone, we always believe that we are a happy big family. Our family is just getting better with us now rebranding into www.babal.guru

In this difficult time where the nation is still coping with the daily increase in the COVID-19 cases, we would like to request every one to take proper caution while moving out of your house. Please avoid any unnecessary visits/contacts. Given the situation, our office will remain closed until at least the end of September 2020 when we will reassess our position based on the overall situation. We will, however, continue delivering the same excellent service “working from home”.

What is happening?

We’re rebranding ourselves into “babal.guru” – all the essentials that you are getting with us at “tyrocity.skipdns.link” will remain there. Our promise of the platform is free to use will remain true as we move to the new brand name. We’ll be slowly moving all the resources to our new platform over the coming months.

The endless road

We as a team believe that what makes one an achiever is passion. If you love what you are doing, you will succeed. During our time so far, we saw each minute as an opportunity to establish a new system. Hence, every single minute wasted meant frustration to us. We love that itch…you know…that constant thing going inside us, which says, “Hey! You gotta go back…you’re not working….you’re not performing”. So whenever we got frustrated or bogged down, we just told to ourselves that things will be just fine if we could go back and perform. Our journey from HSEBGuides.com to tyrocity.com to now our new home is babal.guru has been filled with a lot of learning and growth.

Our Final Destination

After all the obstacles we’ve come through we are surely obliged to perform what we are meant for. Our team after much dissatisfaction has set a final objective of creating the best education portal of the nation with a common objective of enlightening the youth and motivating them towards their destination. We vow to maintain a graceful environment of positivity, knowledge, and creativity for nationwide students of all levels. The platform will also provide a stable way for us to grow and reach new heights.

We would like to thank you all for your constant support and contribution to help us reach to the heights we currently are at. Being recognized as one of the top educational website for students was more than what we had initially envisioned when the project started. But with your love and support – it all was possible. We hope for the continued support of yours in the days to follow as we work tirelessly to make the new platform even better and to your expectations.

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