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Apple criticised By Europe regarding “Free Apps”

Many parents have been astonished by the extra charge for additional features in free to download apps. European Commission has been criticizing Apple Company for not creating any effective plan for users to being misled by fake free apps. In apps store, many popular apps are free labelled by the apps store but actually there are other extra enhancement fees which makes them pay for the extra enhancement features. The European Commission has now forced Google & Apple to put the exact price of the app. But Apple has not make any response to the comment and has not changed any enhancement regarding the exact price of the apps.

“Regarding the payment authorization of the apps, no effective ideas or solutions have been made by the Apple.” said the Commission. Apple has proposed to make changes regarding the true price of the apps. But still no effective ideas and implementation have been made regarding their concern of the exact price of the apps. And there has not been any commitment among the firm and no timing has been made regarding the plan. CPC ( Consumer Protection Co-operation) authorities will ensure that Apple will make changes regarding the specific details required and the changes will be implemented soon. “National authorities had the option to take actions legally against the companies that do not comply with them regarding the exact price of the apps.” said the Commission.

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