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#BackOffIndia tops Twitter as India’s reaction draws more anger

India’s second press release within 24hrs. stating dissatisfaction towards Nepal’s new Constitution has not been received well here in Nepal with masses already expressing their dissatisfaction in social media sites including Twitter and Facebook.

Hashtag ‘#BackOffIndia’ has seen over hundred thousand tweets in twitter and Facebook. People are expressing their anger towards the political stance of India. Narendra Modi, current prime minister of India who was a popular figure back in Nepal as well is one of the most disliked person now.

India seemed to have damaged their relation with insensitive and inappropriate coverage of Nepal earthquake forcing people to hit back at them about 5 months back via the same means with the hashtag of “#GoHomeIndianMedia” which topped the twitter trending list as well.

How India reacts to it is yet to be seen. But this has caused serious rift around Nepal and the global community as well. The statement thus released by India isn’t well received anywhere with former envoy to India Bhekh Bahadur Thapa stating,

I was slightly taken aback by India’s statements. I can understand India’s concerns but they shouldn’t be seen as encouraging protesting parties.

Another twitter user Akira wrote:

We are an independent state.Our words,sovereignty,pride,that is what kept us together.India,this is a warning,don’t interfere #BackOffIndia

Yet another pick from hundreds of thousands of tweet is from anonymous user, who tweeted:

Our Constitution, Our Decision & Our Pride not Your Business. #BackOffIndia

There are still hundreds and thousands of tweets and status update flooding twitter and Facebook every minute.

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