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Bistro App let’s you track your cat’s appetite

Many cat owners are always worried about their furry friend’s appetite. But now they have a reason to feel relieved . Now, there’s a way that they can find the appetite of their furry friends. Bistro has been created by a startup based in San Mateo, California which helps to track the appetite and weight change of cats using Cat Facial Recognition Technology. Bistro has a camera that can observe a cat when it eats and drinks. Then it will transfer a live video feed from which owners can view on their smartphones using Bistro App. This device also measures and observes the amount of food or water consumed by the cat and inform the user regarding any strange behavior going inside the cat’s stomach.

Bistro App let’s you track your cat’s appetite

Owners might also be worried about the health status of their kittens. If so, then they need not worry because Bistro can also help in that case. Bistro not only tracks the appetite change inside kitten, but it also can update the owners about their health status. It also helps to distribute pre-portioned amount of food. Bistro can also be used as a social networking site like Facebook or Instagram. Owners are also able to create a profile for their cat on Bistro app and they can update photos and videos of their pet cats in Bistro App.

For the past 2 years, creator of Bistro App, Mu-chi Sung has been working on the facial recognition technology and putting it on dashboard cameras. The past knowledge regarding this experiment might have been the foundation for the Bistro app, but it was his personal experience which laid seeds for the creation of this app. Momo, one of his 3 cats suddenly stopped eating for a while due to pancreatitis but he didn’t notice. Momo’s hind legs had to be removed although she recovered afterwards.

He told to Mashable.com that the cats shared the same bowl so it was hard for him to realiez who was eating or not. He told that he wanted to know what his cats were doing at home. Sung also told that he has been receiving to make the same technology like cat feeder for other animals like dogs. He said that he would love to apply it to other animals and told that it will be his next project. Bistro had launched a fund-raising campaign on Indieogogo. It had aimed for $100,000 and has already surpassed it by 13%. The campaign ends on August 14. Bistro app sells for $249.

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