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CA dialogue committee agrees on 11 issues

On managing the political transition on Monday, the Constitutional Political Dialogue and Consensus Committee of the Constituent Assembly (CA) forged consensus.

In the discussion held in the committee meeting on 48 issues on which the constitutional committee of the erstwhile Constituent Assembly had reached consensus, the political parties in the CA reached consensus on 11 issues.

After talking to journalists in the meeting, committee Chairman Dr. Baburam Bhattarai said agreement has been reached to finalize the kind of election system to be adopted through the State Restructuring Committee, after talking to journalists in the meeting.

He said, “Parties have also reached an agreement to include the right of removing the constitutional obstacles under the ‘Transition Section’ of the proposed new constitution and that the President would issue a decree to that regard on the recommendation of the Council of Ministers”. The parties also agreed that this arrangement should be endorsed by the Parliament within one month of its issuance.

According to Dr. Bhattarai, the parties also agreed that the federal legislature would be bicameral and the name of the provincial legislature would be Province Legislature.

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