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CCMC Recommends 15-Day School Closure

In the face of the mounting omicron danger, a new strain of the coronavirus in Nepal, schools across the country have been advised to provide a mandatory 15-day winter holiday.

The resolution was recommended to the Cabinet for approval and implementation at a meeting of the COVID-19 Crisis Management Coordination Centre (CCMC) held on Sunday.

Schools of all types and grades have been advised to provide a minimum 15-day winter holiday beginning January 15, according to the proposal, said Sunita Nepal, joint secretary and spokesman for the CCMC.

The CCMC has also advised guardians and students aged 12 to 17 years, as well as those above the age of 18, to acquire COVID vaccinations during the vacation time.

The Ministry of Health and Population, as well as the District Immunization Coordination Committees, have been advised to gather the necessary vaccines and launch a campaign to distribute them.

Similarly, the CCMC has suggested that the general public be required to carry a vaccination card or provide proof of completion of the COVID-19 immunizations when visiting government offices.

Similarly, showing the immunization card is required while entering offices, hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, stadiums, and parks, among other places.

When visiting restricted regions and public locations, residents can produce proof of complete immunization using their cell phone or any other online system, according to Nepal’s spokeswoman.

Similarly, the DCCMC and the Ministry of Health should work together to make the antigen test more efficient at Nepal’s entrance ports and to place persons who test positive for the virus in isolation as soon as possible, according to the CCMC.

The CCMC has also advised the government to limit public gatherings, mass functions, and political party meetings with more than 25 guests until further notice.

Furthermore, the CCMC has advised the government to begin the process of procuring the necessary vaccines and medications in a quick and simple manner.

Similarly, the CCMC conference proposed that the government conduct regular and pre-scheduled yearly and semester examinations at various institutions and colleges in Z-shape seat planning and enforce public health guidelines.

Every exam center should be required to wear masks and use hand sanitizers, according to the report.

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