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Children To Get Vaccines After Dashain

State Minister for Health and Population Umesh Shrestha has announced that children under the age of 18 will be vaccinated against COVID-19 soon following the Dashain celebration.

State Minister Shrestha said that the delivery of 10 million doses of vaccines for children under the age of 18 has already been secured, speaking at a function organized by the Buddhist Tzu Chi Charity Foundation to hand over health materials to Kanti Children’s Hospital on Sunday.

The government has already completed the purchase of four million doses of Moderna vaccinations and six million doses of Pfizer vaccines for children, according to State Minister Shrestha. 100,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccination would arrive in Nepal by Dashain, he said, and will be distributed to youngsters.

State Minister Shrestha announced that arrangements have been made to offer scholarships to the children of frontline health workers who died while working to prevent and manage COVID-19 in Nepal.

Kanti Children’s Hospital received 25 ventilators, as well as other medical supplies, from the Foundation. According to Mahesh Nakarmi, a Foundation spokesperson, the Foundation has arranged for 200 ventilators, 25 of which have been sent to Kanti Hospital in anticipation of a third COVID-19 infection wave.

The remaining ventilators will be distributed to other hospitals across the country that handle children, according to Nakarmi.

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