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CIAA Takes Serious Action At Pokhara University’s office

The office of Pokhara University has been raided by CIAA( Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority ). A team of CIAA raided the office of POkhara University with the assumption that the office might be misusing the money which were promised to be used for the construction of the building. They raided the office with the suspicion that they might have misused the office by faking that they are using it for constructing building. Pokhara University have also been accused of giving unnecessary affiliation to colleges.

Since 5 days, A five member team led by Investigation Officer Narayan Prasad Adhikari followed by Police officers and Engineers of bureau have been investigating this mystery. They have been investigating the required documents and other necessary files to find some clues and evidence. And they have taken control over all the required documents for further investigation.

According to the recent reports, the university has been charged off irregularities. Due to which, with legal formalities, CIAA have raided the office and they have took control of all their documents. Sitakumari Khatiwoda, Regional Officer of CIAA said that investigation is just the beginning and they will take some serious actions if they found PU doing any misleading activities.

The officials of Pokhara University have been giving affiliation to the colleges gratuitously. They should be taking their works to the different levels, instead they are offering affiliation to the colleges happily. Recently, 9 colleges have been given affiliation by PU.

90% of the colleges of Kathmandu valley have been found to be given affiliation by PU, out of 100. This act is totally against the law formulated by the university.

The government have provided Nrs 8 crore to the university for the construction of the building. But they have not completed the building yet. They are accused of not completing the building in the given time and misusing the money provided by the government.

In such case, the university should have taken action against the constructor who still have not started his work yet. But instead of doing so, the university has shockingly been providing tender to the constructor.

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