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Coronavirus: State of Emergency declared in Hungary

Hungary today declared a state of emergency. Gergely Gulyás (Minister:Prime Minister Office) in a statement said that the decisions taken by the government are, in some respects, unprecedented in the thirty years since the change of regime. Following are the actions that are in effect with the declaration:

  • Universities are closed: distance education is allowed, however, in-person education via university lectures are barred
  • Limit on closed events: only those with the attendance of 100 or less can be hosted in closed doors
  • Events larger than 100 people participation in attendance should be held behind closed doors
  • Open-air events with crowd size less than 500 people are only authorized to be hosted
  • Flights, trains, and buses from Slovenia & Austria are suspended
  • Forced quarantine for Hungarian citizens from Italy, China, South Korea, and Iran
  • Suspension of Unlimited program – travel limitation for students traveling abroad
  • Stronger sanction for anyone breaking quarantine or ones making false declaration
  • Theatrical performances to be canceled starting today
  • Cinema halls with larger crowd to be discontinued
  • Ministry permission required for governmental officials to travel
  • Two-week summer language course postponed by a year

Despite the closure of the universities, the schools will continue to be in operation. Gergely Gulyás mentioned that as the virus doesn’t seem to be affecting children – there is no reason to shut the schools. As of today, 14 of the 27 member state of the European Union countries have full or partial school shutdown. He mentioned that they belong among the 13 where such actions aren’t yet required.

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