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Cortana Prevails Over Siri in the Battle of Windows Phone Ad

Siri is considered to be the popular Smartphone’s voice assistant and is known popularly worldwide for it’s assistance in providing information and for other chores in smartphones but there is a new girl in town. In the town of Smartphones and other popular mobile devices, a new voice assistant have come into town and is making a statement for itself. Many people thinks Siri as the most reliable voice assistant but Cortana thinks she can do a better job than her.

Cortana showed it’s big differentiators over Siri in the latest ad from Microsoft. A “person reminder”, reminder which helps to remind the owner about the certain events or meetings needed to be attended by him/her, is created by the owner, Next, she creates a reminder relating to a specific place. In this case, a flower shop is selected which will push an alert when the user gets close to a business that meets the description.

But that’s not the cherry on top, the best was still saved for last by Cortana. Cortana crdates an alert that pops up, along with traffic, reminding that the owner must leave for his business appointment in the next 5 minutes.

The traffic alert illustrates the “special sauce” that makes Cortana differentamong personal assistants: That because she’s aware of both personal data (your calendar, contact list, etc.) and external factors such as traffic, she can combine that knowledge and proactively alert the user about unforeseen factor.

Mashable organized a showdown between Siri and Cortana entitled “Siri VS Cortana” and in this epic battle between the two voice assistant, they found Cortana to be amazing and to be out of the box whereas they state that Siri is still quite polished along with funny “chitchat” answers. So many people might but smartphones for the voice assistant, but windows phone also have that feature in cover.

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