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COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign In Kalikot From December 27

From December 27 to 29, a COVID-19 vaccination campaign will be held in Kalikot.

According to the Kalikot District Public Health Office, more than 18,000 children aged 12 to 17 will receive the first dose of the Moderna vaccination against the virus as part of the program.

According to Katak Bahadur Mahat, the office’s officiating manager, the drive will be launched in Shuvakalika Rural Municipality, Mahabai, Naraharinath, Pachaljharana, Palata, Sanni Tribeni Rural Municipality, Khadachakra Municipality, Raskot, and Tilagupha Municipality, where 18,167 children will be vaccinated against the infection.

The launch of the drive was addressed at a meeting of the District Disaster Management Committee, he said.

Health professionals and midwives who would be mobilized for the campaign were given an orientation session on the immunization, he said, adding that the vaccine would be accessible at more than 120 vaccination stations at the local level.

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