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DEO Cancelled Registration of 32 Schools

District Education Office(DEO) of Rautahat have recently taken action against some community schools that have not come into action for a long time after getting registration, citing the misuse of government funds. DEO has recently stopped the registration of 32 community schools. Upendra Singh, Section Officer at DEO Rautahat said,” Schools that have been registered in & after 2064 BS have already received government funds, including for teacher salaries, scholarships, textbooks and repair and maintenance of physical infrastructure, but have not been found in action.”

As per a recent decision taken by the District Education CommitteeDEC), the registration of such schools that existed only on the paper and misused the funds received from the DEO has been cancelled. The registration of 32 schools were cancelled following monitoring undertaken by the DEC at the end of the last academic year. Section officer Singh informed schools which are located in rural as well as urban areas in the district, will be shut down once their registration is cancelled.Commission For Investigation of Abuse & Authority(CIAA) have also found schools which are registered and are receiving government funds, but are not in operation. Rautahat District Education Officer Arbind Lal Karn said,” Investigations into other schools are underway, and funds for those schools have been withheld.” Hemraj Phuyal, the Acting Local Development Officer (LDO) who is also DEO coordinator said,”Action has been taken against schools in the district that are not in operation but continue to receive government funds under different heads and that produce fake student attendance records.” Meanwhile, DEO have decided to merge 19 schools.Problems such as lack of students & lack of facilities can be solved by this. Manishankar Lal Nidhi, president of Nepal National Teacher’s Association (NNTA), Rautahat said,”Cancellation of registration of 32 fraud community schools and merging of 19 community schools is a step towards improving education.”

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