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Disallowed to give Board Exam if found Bunking Class and other guidelines

Higher Secondary Board of Nepal has proposed a guidelines today amidst a program whose main theme are highlighted in the news report presented by TyroCity.com. The article has been in reference to the guidelines presented by Higher Secondary Education Board themselves.

Main Highlights:

  • Student is warned and fined financially for the first four times if found bunking and if repeated for the fifth time, the student is expelled from college and isn’t allowed to attend board exams as well.
  • Students aren’t allowed to ride bike in school uniform. If found riding bike in school uniform, for the first time, student and parent both will be warned and from the next time a fine of Rs. 5000 will be placed each time.
  • Students aren’t allowed to bring mobile phones inside the school complex

and other as well…

News in depth

Students studying under colleges affiliated to Higher Secondary Education Board(HSEB), if found ‘bunking classes’ will be expelled and won’t be allowed to even appear for Board Exams. In the name of freedom students were found to move from home to study but were found to be ‘bunking’ or going to cinema halls or even for dating. Increase in such unwanted activities has forced HSEB to introduce these strict rule said one of the Central member of HSEB.

Committee formed under the leadership of Investigation and program planning Head Narayan Koirala submitted a report mentioning that if the students are found bunking for 5 times than this punishment is granted to the rule-breakers. As per this guideline, Mobile, bikes and Mini-Skirts are also prohibited.

If the student is found bunking after their attendance than the college is allowed to punish the students as per the system. For the first time, Student is warned and his/her parents are informed about it. For the second time, the student is fined Rs.500/- and parents are informed again. And, if found bunking for the third time, Rs.1,000/- is fined to the student and again parents are informed of their ward’s activity. Again, if found bunking for the fourth time, the student is warned strongly in front of their parents and Rs. 2,000/- fine is placed. And, if caught bunking for the fifth time, the student will be expelled from the collegeand would be disallowed to give the board exams as well.

It is mentioned in the guideline that, ‘But if written information about the absence of the student is presented to the college authorities by their respective parents than it isn’t considered to be bunking.’

The guidelines also highlights that any student studying in grade 11 and 12 aren’t allowed to ride bike in the school’s uniform. If found riding bikes in college uniform, for the first time both parents and student will be warned for the first time and if found repeating this action, each time the student will be fined Rs. 5,000/- And if this action is repeated time and again, the school authorities will be granted the supreme power to expel that student as well.

The guidelines also read that the students aren’t allowed to use mobile within the school complex as well. As per the rules and guidelines, ‘If any student is found using mobile inside the school complex than the college administration is supposed to seize the mobile phone and return to their parents along with warning for the first time. And if this is repeated for next time, the school administration has all power to seize the mobile phone and hand over a fine of Rs. 3,000/- as well in addition to it.
The rules also highlight the dress code of the students. It states, “चुज पाइन्ट प्रयोग गर्न

नपाइने, कम्मरभन्दा कम्तीमा एक इन्च माथिसम्म पाइन्ट/स्कर्ट हुनुपर्ने, स्कर्टको तल्लो भागको हकमा

घुँडाभन्दा कम्तीमा दुई इन्च तलसम्म हुनुपर्ने छ ।“

Any illegal use, distribution and sell of drugs and other prohibited items inside the school complex is non-tolerable. If caught doing so, the student is submitted to the police at that moment and also expelled from the school. And if the school decided to move against these guidelines presented by HSEB than the school will be responsible to answer any further questioning from the Board.
We will obey the Guidelines: Concerned Authorities

The guidelines presented by the government mainly targeting +2 intuitions are supported by the concerned authorities and has also vowed to obey those guidelines. Admits a program organized by HSEB to publicize the guidelines for the +2 students, the concerned authorities has promised to follow all those rules.

In the program, Vice-President of Higher Secondary Education Board Dr. Hem Kumar Mishra informed that these guidelines will bring about positive changes in the education sector of Nepal.
Board’s Member-Secretory Bhim Lal Gurung mentioned that these guidelines are presented to manage Higher Secondary Schools. Board’s Investigation and program planning Head Narayan Koirala added that since the guidelines has been presented in the consensus of all the concerned personnel it is sure to benefit to bring positive changes to the education system and regulations. President of HISAN, Mr. Umesh Shrestha also mentioned they are excited to implement the newly created guidelines.

Scanned Copy of the letter Presented by HSEB

Notice by Education Ministry

Statement by HSEB

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