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DoTM Imported 1.4 Million Smart Driving License Cards From A French Supplier

The Department of Transport Management (DoTM) imported more than 1.4 million smart driving license cards from a French supplier on Wednesday.

The license cards delivered by the French contractor Smart Card and Solutions (SELP) arrived at the Tribhuvan International Airport, according to the DoTM. The license cards were delivered 13 months after the French business was given the contract.

The DoTM has awarded the French company a contract of USD 1.24 million (Rs 140 million) to produce 1.48 million smart license cards.

In August 2020, the department issued a global tender for the provision of smart license cards, to which Malaysian firm Iris Berhad Corporation, French firm SELP, and Indian firm Madras Security Printers submitted offers.

The imported cards, on the other hand, will not be enough to accommodate the vast number of persons on the waiting list. According to the Department of Transportation’s figures, over 600,000 people are waiting for their turn to take the driver’s license exam.

Due to a shortage of smart license cards, the Department of Transportation has been granting provisional licenses to those who are eligible for a driver’s license.

On average, it takes a year for the government to issue a smart driving license card to the individual involved.

Since December 2015, the DoTM has been providing smart driving permits, however the procedure has yet to be smooth.

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