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Drastic Change Coming in SLC Result Grading System

KATHMANDU: From the upcoming year, new grading system is going to be introduced to rate and publish the result of SLC. Curriculum Development Center prepared the new grading system. Last week, the National Curriculum Development and Evaluation Council officially passed the plan of new grading system prepared by the Curriculum Development Center. Under the guidance of Ministry OF Education, the Coucil will operate.

The new grading system has also shown that no student’s result will show any fail or pass status. This grading system prohibits to show such status due to which any student will hardly fail the SLC Examination. This system is quite beneficial for many students as the new grading system will only grade their results thus many students will be unable to fail the examination. This will help to improve the poor result in SLC examination for the past few years and it’s also a movement towards positive change. The government has adopted this policy to improve the secondary level examination process. The new grading system will be adopted for Grade 9 & 1o from next year.

Diwakar Dhungel, Executive Director of the Curriculum Development Center, stated that the new grading system will start with the community technical schools. He said, “For Class 9 & 10, the Evaluation Council has agreed to implement this plan. Now, this system will publish the results of both classes all over the country. We’ll start with 99 community technical schools for the trial of this system.”

He further told that it’s not possible to know the progression of the student 10 years of learning experience with 32 marks. Due to number grading system, many students have failed to pass which have left a negative impact in the academic sector. Dhungel has told that this new grading system will help to minimize those drawbacks. “And this system will later be introduced for Grade 11 and 12” ,he followed. He stated that this new grading system is the beginning of a change towards education sector and it will improve the quality of academic sector.

Ganesh Bhattarai, Spokesperson for Curriculum Development Center claims that this new grading system will not only improve the academic sector but it will help to upgrade the secondary level examination evaluation process. Furthermore, he also that only the students from the selected community technical school’s certificate will be published according to the new grading system in the next year. Thus, old grading system will be removed and new grading system will be introduced in the certificate in the upcoming year.

“According to the new system, the teachers are going to be trained to evaluate and grade the results in this new way,” he said. He followed that statement saying that a committee of experts have been assembled by The Curriculum Development Center to discuss if the new grading system should be done in terms of number or alphabets. He told that the new grading system will be decided on the basis of the study report handed by the committee.

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