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Education strike set to continue for 2nd day in row

Students’ Union VS College Wings’
A battle which none have expected
Banda to continue for 2nd day in row…

All educational institutions remain closed across Nepal today due to the dispute between school proprietors and students’ unions over the establishment of students’ union in the schools and this strike is set to continue in the 2nd day as well.

As a result, thousands of private and public schools across the nation have been affected and millions of students are derived from education they deserve. Due to the educational strike called by the Association for Private Educational of Nepal (APEN), a network of private educational institutions all the schools were shut down today.

Likely, the strike is set to continue on the 2nd day (4th March) as well but this time it’s All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union (ANNISU)-Revolutionary who calls for the strike. They call for the closure citing they are deprived from the basic rights they deserve and against the monopoly implemented by the school proprietors.

Today’s education strike was called by APEN in protest against the arson carried out to a college bus of Golden Gate recently allegedly by the All Nepal National Independent Students Union (ANNISU)-Revolutionary and donation terror and threat at various educational institutions.

Vice-chairman of Higher Secondary Schools Association-Nepal, Ramesh Shilwal, said that the strike was called in protest against the ongoing donation terror and threat on private schools and against the Guidelines of the Educational Directorate.

He said they were compelled to call the educational strike also against the different malpractices including pressure to open students’ unions and padlocking of schools by putting forth various undue demands.

While the strike war between School Proprietors and students union is ongoing, it is ultimately going to downgrade the overall standard of the education and the sorry state of education system is believed to go further down.

At the meantime, the government have requested both school proprietors and students’ union to come under round table for the solution of their problems instead of going for strikes affecting the life of millions of students.

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