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Employees' Management Soon According To Province Minister Baral

Ramjee Prasad Baral, the Finance Minister of Gandaki Province, stated that staff management will no longer be hindered.

He said that staff management would be done without delay because inadequacy of employees at provincial offices has hampered numerous programs during an interaction on ‘budget implementation and fiscal discipline’ conducted by the Ministry of Finance in Mustang on Sunday.

“Staff management has become a complex issue as a result of the federal government’s failure to manage staff necessary in provinces and the province governments’ delay in establishing the Public Service Commission.”

Minister Baral, in issuing orders to staff for the most effective implementation of the budget available, emphasized the importance of successfully implementing the budget, noting that the budget appropriation this year was reduced by Rs 5 billion from the previous year.

Similarly, Rajendra Sherchan, Deputy Chief of the Mustang District Coordination Committee, noted that due to a lack of efficient employee management, building and development projects of major public significance have been harmed.

The district-based discussion was convened to take stock of the status of budget implementation and facilitate the process, according to Baikuntha Prasad Aryal, Secretary of the Gandaki Ministry of Finance.

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