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Every Citizen Of Nepal To Be Vaccinated By Mid-April 2022

Umesh Shrestha, the State Minister for Health and Population, has stated that all citizen will be vaccinated against COVID-19 by the middle of April next year.

He said that 33% of the population would receive vaccine by mid-October, and that all target people would be vaccinated by mid-April, while speaking at a foundation stone laying ceremony for the new Chandeni Mandan Health Post at Mandandeupur Municipality in Kavre on Tuesday.

“The Prime Minister and the government want to offer vaccines to all eligible citizens,” said State Minister Shrestha, adding that the coronavirus pandemic could only be averted through vaccines.

The government had already completed the procurement of 10 million doses of immunizations for youngsters, according to State Minister Shrestha. “Of those, 100,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine are on their way, and children will be vaccinated by mid-November/December,” he stated.

State Minister Shrestha further stated that 17.8 million vaccination doses had already arrived in Nepal, with another five million doses on the way.

He stated that the administration was considering making health services more easily accessible to the general populace.

“The government intends to build hospitals in each community with all health services,” stated State Minister Shrestha. He added that the government is working to establish 15-25-bed hospitals in each of the 753 local levels across the country.

The central hospital is always overcrowded, he said, adding that if all government-sponsored medical students were mobilized in communities, the flow of patients at the central hospital would decrease.

Mayor Bishnu Mani Nepal stated at the event that the building that was razed to the ground by the 2015 earthquake is now being rebuilt with funds provided by India.

According to Nepal, a total of Rs. 20.8 million will be spent on the construction of a health post. The building will be successfully completed in 18 months, according to the agreement.

source: risingnepal

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