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Flood Disrupts Road Transport In Bajura

Hundreds of rural roads in Bajura and the district Sanfe-Martadi Lokmarga have been disrupted by a fresh flood and landslide, which were just recently repaired after months of disruption.

Since Saturday night, landslides fueled by intense post-monsoon rain have wreaked havoc on the district’s rural routes.

After five months of obstruction, all of the district’s rural roads were reopened just before Dashain, thanks to the initiative of the Bajura District Administration Office (DAO) and the cooperation of the local levels.

Since June 6, this year, the Barjugard-Martadi road segment has been closed. As a result of the landslide, the link road to Badimalika, Budiganga, Tribeni Municipality, Khaptad Chededah, Budnanda, Himali, Jagannath Swami Kartik Rural Municipality has been hindered.

Following the completion of the repair work, vehicular movement has been restored. However, the newly restored roadways only lasted a few days before being swept away by the recent landslides.

The route has been rendered unusable due to landslides, according to the District Police Office. As the avalanche hit the route from above and below the hill, the surface of the country roads began to fracture.

The DAO has requested that the Road Division in Accham carry out the necessary repairs to restore the damaged roadways. The division, however, would begin repair work as soon as the rain stops, according to Chief District Officer Gopal Kumar Adhikari.

The damaged roads will take months to repair, according to Road Division Sanphebgar.

Traders in Martadi have had a difficult time transporting goods because motor mobility has been completely disrupted in the district. Because it is inconvenient for traders to deliver items during the festival, consumers are obliged to acquire everyday essentials at excessive costs.

Due to the roadblock, vehicles are stopped in the middle of the road.

Transporting the items was an issue, according to Ram Bahadur Budha, a hotelier at Martadi Gauri Bazaar. After the vehicles halted at lokmarga, dozens of rural roads in the district became abandoned once more.

Since the weather in Bajura has improved since Thursday, CDO Adhikari stated the road division office would restart vehicular movement in a few days.

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