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Flooded River Deposits Sediments at School, As a Result Classes Are Affected

After the sediments carried by floods last week caused damage to the school buildings and furniture, the school administration has found it difficult to hold regular sessions at Netra Jyoti Secondary School in Jumla.

The sediments have covered the school in Tatopani Rural Municipality-4. Rain-induced floods cost Rs. 16.6 million in damage, including a concrete building. The floods swept away a 500-meter compound area, as well as a school building with 80 desks and benches, according to Jajalya Raj Neupane, the school’s headmaster.

Neupane was concerned about how they would be able to resume classes without a school facility or furniture.

According to Bijaya Prasai, head of the District Disaster Management Committee and Chief District Officer, a plan has been put in place to rebuild the destroyed school building.

A meeting of the District Disaster Administration Committee also examined the school’s building’s alternative management for the time being. He went on to say that on the matter of school renovation, coordination and conversations were done with governmental and non-governmental groups, as well as at the local level.

Other schools in Jumla have been impacted by the floods, including Netra Jyoti Secondary School. After examining the school, a team led by Chief District Officer Bijaya Prasai and municipality chairman Nawaraj Neupane returned to district headquarters.

Chairman Neupane stated that every effort was being made to ensure that courses ran smoothly by managing the building. According to him, the flood took away a three-room structure of Janajagriti Higher Secondary School in Tatopani.

The floods also wreaked havoc on the playground of Kalika Higher Secondary School in Tatopani. He also stated that the power plant, roads, drinking water, and health facilities had been harmed.

117 sheep, 140 to 150 kilowatts of hydro power, and 13 wooden bridges were washed away in Tatopani. Similarly, lift irrigation worth Rs. 4 million was severely damaged.

Furthermore, the rains resulted in significant crop loss.

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