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Four people trapped in Rapti floods rescued

Four persons who were caught in the flooded Rapti River were successfully rescued. On Monday evening, residents of Banke’s Duduwa Rural Municipality Ward 4 were stranded in the Rapti River.

After receiving information that the villagers were caught in the river, a team of Nepal Police and Armed Police Force rescued them, according to Rupan Gyawali, Information Management Officer at the District Emergency Operations Center, Banke.

Sokhat Nau, 55, Sabbir Khan, 45, Pramod Lonia, 30, and Nazir Khan, 60, were among the people who were rescued.

On Monday evening, three more persons who were trapped in the river were able to swim to the banks.

The river’s water level has risen as a result of the persistent rain. The river’s water level surpassed 3 meters and 40 centimeters on Tuesday, according to the Flood Measurement Center.

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