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Frank Lampard Gets Trolled on Twitter #AskLamps

Now, Frank Lampard has also realized the power of the internet and its amazing trending hashtags. Nowadays, many people use the hashtags really frequently in many popular networking sites and it’s frequently used in Twitter. Hashtag is used in front of the word which they are going to talk about and if many people are tweeting the same hashtag then that word is trending worldwide. Recently, the former captain of English Soccer team went to twitter to answer some questions in a short Q&A to interact with the fans and answer their queries. And boy! did he get some interesting questions.

The leading high scorer of the renowned club Chelsea took to twitter to interact with the fans of Twitter on Monday in a Q&A after he recently signed with Major League Soccer’s New York City FC on Thursday.

New York City FC


Frank Lampard is taking over @NYCFC right now for a quick Twitter Q&A. Ask anything you want with #AskLamps. Go.


8:32 PM – Jul 28, 2014
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For 10 years, Lampard have already achieved a lot of fame and success in the ground and also have played with the best soccer players in the world. At the age of 36, after giving it a lot of thoughts and decided to make the move to the MLS, and signed a two-year contract with the New York club. Many popular players like England’s David Beckham, France’s Thierry Henry, Brazil’s Kaka and Spain’s David Villa — have made similar moves to other MLS teams.

· Jul 28, 2014

@NYCFC do you think it will take you time to adjust to the style of football in America?

New York City FC


.@SheridanAimee_ I’d like to think my style will work well. MLS has a lot of similarities to the Premier League.


8:55 PM – Jul 28, 2014
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Many fans of Lampard and New York City FC asked the World Cup veteran about the glorious time he spent while playing for Chelsea and his recent decision to move to the new team.

But even the English Premier League veteran could not escape the power of the Internet and Internet could not even forgive Frank Lampard to be trolled.

Why is nobody using the poorly chosen #AskLamps hashtag to ask questions about lighting fixtures? I guess I’ll have to step in…

— Isaac (@isaacccccccccc) July 28, 2014

AskLamps What’s your favourite bulb wattage?

— •S•C•H•T•E•V• (@ssschtevvv) July 28, 2014

John Mckean@MCKE4N86

AskLamps do you prefer to be filled with lava or have a standard bulb and lampshade?

12:39 AM – Jul 29, 2014
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Are you scared of the dark? #ASKLAMPS


12:44 AM – Jul 29, 2014
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Robert Beezer@PatriotBeezer

AskLamps Do you prefer Compact floresent lightbulbs or incandecent lightbulbs? warm light vs cost savings. #HardChoices


8:53 PM – Jul 28, 2014
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Internet is really an amazing place and oh boy! it does have it’s unique moments. Let’s wait and see who becomes the latest victims of the internet. Internet is really awesome. Hope it never changes !

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