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Get 100GB of OneDrive storage by trying Bing

Microsoft is encouraging users to try its Bing and OneDrive services by offering them 100 GB of free cloud storage for one year.

Users can earn the storage by signing up for Bing Rewards, a program that gives users credits every time they use Microsoft’s search engine. Those credits can then be traded in for rewards, such as gift cards.

Microsoft said users who earn 100 credits can redeem them for the free storage with OneDrive, the company’s cloud service that was formerly known as SkyDrive.

Earning 100 credits can be done in six days. Users earn 20 credits when they sign up for Bing Rewards. They are also awarded 15 credits every day that they use the Microsoft search engine. Existing Bing Rewards users can accumulate 100 credits in seven days.

Microsoft gives all OneDrive users 7 GB of complimentary storage, but users who want to add 100 GB are normally required to pay $50 per year.

Users interested in the free storage can sign up for Bing Rewards on Bing.com.

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