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Google Map App will Help Cyclists

Google Map App have made many of our lives easier due to the free location and direction provided by the app during travel to certain destinations. And now Google Map App will be beneficial to the cyclists as well. Google Map App has been updating the Android Version of the Google Map that will improve giving cycling directions. During navigation, the voice command feature will be improved. It will help the users to see the quick elevation of the routes and help them compare the multiple routes. That means the cyclists will be able to choose the easier or flattest routes, whichever they prefer.

The latest updated feature of the app will not only improve the navigation, but will also improve the voice commands. In navigation device, the cyclists will be able to ask questions like “What’s my next turn?” or “What time will I get there?” The updated version of the app, which was spotted by Android Police, isn’t live in Google Play yet. According to Android Police, Android users can get the early taste of the app by downloading APK which has already been signed by Google. The existing app will be replaced by the new Google Map App on the phone once APK has been installed in your phone. It is still not sure when will the update come out for IOS users.

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