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Google Removes ‘Bomb Gaza’ from playstore

There have been many incidents of violent games with their violent contents which have created controversy. But such games are popular among the youth as the youth are fond of violence and adventure. But sometimes, there are some games which takes the content way too far. This act actually happened recently. Bomb Gaza was an app which could be downloaded through Play Store on Android Mobile. Bomb Gaza is an app which simulates air attacks on Gaza. And it has been recently removed by Google on Monday.

Google Removes Bomb Gaza from playstore

At least two apps which simulates air attacks on Gaza have been removed by Google from Play Store. Many users were angry and got quite furious with the apps. Due to its violent contents, many users were quite shocked and it infuriated the users. Many users took their frustration in popular networking site Twitter tweeting about their dissatisfaction with the app. Many users also tweeted how they were shocked that Google would let such apps in Play Store.

Bomb Gaza was released on July 26. According to App Annie, allowed the players to drop bombs on terrorists while avoiding hitting civilians. The game would end when all the civilians were killed and the rage meter would reach its limit.

The other game, Gaza Assault: Code Red, first released in Google Play on July 17, according to App annie, also tasked players with targeting terrorist cells hidden within Gaza— though it made no mention of civilians.

Even though the apps were removed from the app store, the games were still streaming live in the App Store for a week. And the media covered this story and due to high media coverage regarding this incident, finally Google took action and removed them permanently.

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