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Government intends to tighten evaluation criteria for school students

In light of the weakening in student’s learning and perusing propensities as well as corruption within the quality of instruction, the government has been planning to fix the arrangement of updating the understudies to higher grades.

The Educational modules Improvement Middle (CDC) has sent a proposition of working method to the Service of Instruction, Science and Innovation (MoEST) that incorporates the revision to the current assessment strategy.

The CDC’s director general, Ana Prasad Neupane, said the organization had submitted a proposal to change the review mechanism to make it more systematic so that students are promoted solely on merit.

The CDC has implemented the new provision in response to a commission formed by Usha Jha, a former member of the National Planning Commission, who recommended an alphabetical grading approach, according to Neupane.

If the provision is implemented after approval, student evaluations will be more scientific and systematic. Neupane, on the other hand, refused to discuss the upgrade criterion they have established for students.

According to Neupane, kids have to reach a particular GPA to pass even the Secondary Education Examination (SEE), and the new provision could be very helpful in reversing the children’s declining reading habits.

Similarly, the CDC has proposed that the same assessment system be used from Grade I to Grade XII. GPA and grade formulas are now different in different classes.

The Ministry has been sent a draft of the working procedure, which also intends to revise the practical marks. The current provision allows teachers to assign grades to children without a sound foundation.

However, once the new working mechanism is introduced, such arbitrary behavior will be eliminated. Different criteria for practical marks are included in the procedure, according to Neupane.

The Ministry of Education and Science and Technology’s spokesperson, Deepak Sharma, said the Ministry is consulting with the National Examination Board (NEB) about the new working approach because the NEB has final authority over student evaluation. As a result, he said, the proposal will be accepted when the NEB provides comment.

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