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Government Serious To End Caste-Based Discrimination

Bal Krishna Khand, the Minister of Home Affairs, said on Tuesday that the administration was dedicated to putting constitutional provisions aimed at abolishing caste-based discrimination into practice.

Minister Khand said the government was ready to put mandatory constitutional provisions on safeguarding Dalit community rights into practice after accepting a 15-point declaration document published following a two-day national convention on ‘Ensuring Dalit Rights and the Role of Local Representatives.’

Min Bishwakarma, a member of the ruling Nepali Congress’s central committee, presented the declaration paper to the Home Minister at the Ministry this afternoon.

Minister Khand stated that the national convention’s significant recommendations would be considered progressively. He claims that caste is not discriminatory in and of itself, but that people’s mindsets have made it so.

In a different context, the Home Minister stated that the government would provide financial assistance to complete the funeral rites of deceased Ajit Mijar, whose body is currently at the TU Teaching Hospital’s mortuary.

Tek Narayan Pandey, the Home Secretary, stated that no one would be denied access to state services simply because they are Dalit and impoverished.

Phadindra Mani Pokhrel, Joint Secretary and Spokesperson for the Ministry of Home Affairs, has requested that any administrative office in the district tell the government if it refuses to issue citizenship certificates in the name of a certain caste, religion, or culture.

The government’s first job is to protect the public’s right to live and to promote coexistence among people of different religions, castes, and cultures.

Shailesh Thapa Kshetri, Inspector General of Nepal Police, stated that Nepal Police has always been devoted to enforcing the constitution, legislation, and laws.

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