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GPA 4.0 doesn’t mean you topped in SLC

There seem to be lots of confusions going on and people are claiming them to be SLC topper with GPA score of 3.8, 3.9, 3.95, 4.0 and several other. But with the removal of percentage based system from this year. It’s not really possible to say who actually topped the examination.

Here is a sample mark sheet of a student who obtained 4.0 GPA score.

SLC Marksheet for one of the student

Validity checked by Office of the Controller of Examination
He obtained 90 or above marks in all of the 8 subjects he attended. The marks can be anywhere in between 90-100. It’s not 100/100 in each of the subjects.

Now, let’s assume some scenarios:

Scenario 1 (Unlikely, this is just for demonstration purpose):

He got 100 marks in all 8 subjects. Had this been in percentage based system he would have got 100% but here as it’s GPA based system where the average of all the grade points he obtained is taken into account, he’ll get GPA 4.0

Scenario 2:

He got 90 marks in all 8 subjects. Had this been in percentage based system, he would have got 90%. But he got Grade point A+ or 4.0 in all of the subjects as it came under ’90 or above’ category. So, the total GPA he got would also be 4.0.

Scenario 3 (Unlikely, this is just for demonstration purpose):

He got 100 /100 in 7 of the 8 subjects he attended in but only obtained 89 marks in the other subject. That means he would have got 98.625% had this been in normal percentage but as we have already moved into GPA based system. Let’s see how did he perform. He would have got A+ (or 4.0 Grade point) in 7 of the subjects. But as it is lower then 90 and above 80 for the other subject, he got ‘A’ (or 3.6 Grade Point) for the other one. Now, GPA is just the average of total Grade Point divide by total no. of subjects which gives us GPA 3.95. This GPA is lower than as described in Scenario 1 and 2 but if we look at the percentage it’s higher then the one who got GPA 4.0 but 90% in Scenario 2.

GPA is just a system/method to tell how well you performed all around. Don’t go into calculating the percentage or as a way to compare using the same to see if you topped in SLC. Higher GPA means you did perform well in the exams. Be happy, accept it and do better in the journey ahead. There is no way to calculate or find out if you topped SLC this time around.

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