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GPA, Grade and Subjects you can choose to study further

You need to have a GPA above a certain point (varies as per the Science, Management, Humanities or any other stream you opt to go with) and also have to secure above the so set grade scale to study further in Grade 11 and 12. Here is the image showing the full list of it:

GPA and which subject you can study Image Source: ekantipur.com

Here is an example of a scenario:

Example 1 – Can one study in any faculty he or she opts for ?

Example 1 result sample

Yes, for sure. Minimum grade required to study in Science is 2GPA and also requires one to have C+ or better in Science and Maths, C or better in English and D+ or better in Nepali and Social Studies which are all met. The same person doesn’t have to choose Science, though, he/she can choose any of the options presented in the list above.

Example 2 – Can he/she study in Science stream? If not which streams can he or she choose between?

Example 2 result sample

The person with the above marks does meet the criteria of GPA of or above 2 to study in Science faculty but doesn’t meet the other requirements set forward. His grade in Science is C but the minimum grade requirement is C+. So, this person can’t choose Science stream.

However, can he/she study Nepali? The requirement for Nepali is minimum GPA of 1.6, ‘C’ or better in Nepali, ‘D+’ or better in English and Social. Now, let’s see how the person does. He/she obtained 2.05 GPA which is above required 1.6. He/she obtained ‘C’ grade for Nepali which is just at the minimum required. He also has D+ in English which is also just about enough to get through. And, the person surpasses the final requirement of grade score of D+ or better in Social with C+. So, he can study in Nepali faculty.

The above examples are just for making you understand better about the GPA and the subjects you can choose from. Please refer to the first image in the page which lists the min. GPA and subject wise grade requirement for each of the faculty. If you have any questions or confusions. You can message us on facebook or mail us at [email protected] for more details.

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