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Grade 12 Exams After Vaccinating Students

Umesh Shrestha, the State Minister for Health and Population, has stated that the Grade XII tests can begin in mid-September because the government has begun providing coronavirus vaccines to all examinees.

Minister Shrestha said the government had been preparing vaccines for all Grade XII students on a priority basis, speaking at a hearing of the Parliamentary Committee on Education and Health on Thursday. He went on to say that the government was giving the students AstraZeneca vaccines that had been supplied by Japan.

“The administration is working with relevant organizations to conduct the exams as soon as possible. If there are enough candidates in one location, it is also planning to allow students to take exams from home centers,” Shrestha added.

The examinations should be done as soon as feasible, according to Giriraj Mani Pokharel, a member of the parliamentary committee and former Minister for Education, Science, and Technology.

The committee’s head, Jaipuri Gharti, has urged the government to complete the delayed examinations as soon as possible while adhering to the health safety standard. She also requested that all students be vaccinated by the government.

The committee has discussed the paused examinations on a regular basis and instructed the authorities to resume them as soon as possible. Because of COVID-19, the administration has had to postpone the exams twice this year. Approximately 400,000 students in Grade XII are awaiting their final exams.

The NEB had already postponed the examinations, which were rescheduled on August 15.

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