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Grade XI, XII Students Await Braille Books In Jumla

The lack of braille books in the district has hampered visually impaired students’ learning. Students in grades XI and XII at Shree Bhairab Secondary School in the district’s Sinja Rural Municipality are still waiting for braille books.

“We’ve been having problems with our academics because the books haven’t arrived even months after the new academic year began,” said Dharmalal Pyakurel, a Grade XII student.

Braille books for Grades XI and XII had not yet arrived at the school, according to Pyakurel. “We’ve heard the books haven’t been published yet,” he explained.

The District Crisis Management Committee had decided to deliver books to all kids at their homes due of the COVID-19 pandemic danger.

For many years, the Nepal Association for the Welfare of the Blind and the Nepal Association of the Blind have published braille books for visually impaired students. Both organizations announced that no braille books would be published this year.

Nara Bahadur Limbu, the former Chairman of the Nepal Association of the Blind NAB , claimed that the government had not created any program for blind students in grades XI and XII.

The government has devised a strategy for exclusively publishing braille books up to Grade X. Dibya Dawadi, Deputy Secretary of the Welfare Department at the Education and Human Resources Department, claimed the government had no intentions to publish braille books for the grades mentioned.

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